My teaching identity… by Melanie Denford.

All children deserve the opportunity to access a quality education and to have the chance to embrace and develop their unique strengths and qualities.  Children will enter my classroom and bring with them a diverse range of skills, abilities, cultures, beliefs, values and personalities (Marsh, Clarke & Pittaway, 2014). As a teacher, I am committed to providing an inclusive environment that celebrates children’s differences, and encourages a growth mindset in an environment where children are encouraged to develop to their potential. rules 1I will support my students to embrace the rich tapestry that diversity brings, and to respect  and accept each other as individual thinkers and learners. I will do this through modeling positive and appropriate behaviours. Further, I am committed to my own journey of learning, and the ongoing development of my skills, teaching efficacy, and reflection. I will embrace the journey ahead with the twists and turns, and ups and downs that all travel brings. I will use my life experiences to connect children to real world learning experiences. We are all always learning.

I will ensure that I provide a range of teaching strategies that will engage each and every child in their learning and development, and which I hope will inspire them to reach their full potential.  I will respect each individual child. I hope I see the world through my student’s eyes, grow new knowledge and embrace change. The learning environment I will create will be a safe and supportive place where children can be themselves.  reggio 2As an effective teacher, I am organised and well planned (Stanford University, n.d.).  My flexibility and my enthusiasm for learning will allow me to implement a varied and differentiated curriculum that engages my students in learning and helps them begin to reach their future potential (Marsh et al, 2014). I hope to inspire children to explore, experiment with new ideas and to love learning. I will use reflective practice and peer feedback to undertake a process of continuous improvement on the efficacy of my teaching. I know that my own learning journey does not end, but grows, with the story growing richer and more colourful as I gain more experience.  In the same way I will experience success anreggio 4d failure as a teacher, and as a learner, I want to provide an environment where the children can feel safe to experience success and failure. I want to develop persistence and self-belief as some of their strengths. I want my students to develop critical thinking skills and become self-directed learners. I want to teach my students to develop their problem solving skills and feel challenged and fulfilled from the curriculum I provide. I want my students to leave my class with positive memories and new skills, feeling empowered and excited by their own journey. I want my students to learn to love learning.

I have high standards of my own performance and I enjoy working collaboratively with peers to share ideas and resources. I will mirror these high expectations with my students. I will develop and improve my own pedagogy as I reflect on my achievements and failures, and redesign my teaching strategies and curriculum. I will reflect on my life experiences such as extensive travel, my human resources career and my own family, and use these experiences to enrich my curriculum, and to connect it to real world learning experiences. My working relationships with students, parents and other teachers will be positive, and all individuals will be treated with fairness, kindness, openness and honesty. I want to use these experiences to inspire others. I embark on this journey with joy, anticipation, excitement and a determination to succeed. I want make a positive difference to my students, and walk a part of their journey with them, watching as they become participative and successful members of  society.



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